Bryophyte Workshop

Last December, three Te Papa botanists attended the 2010 John Child Bryophyte and Lichen Workshop, held in Riverton. This is one of the principal ways we acquire new plant specimens.

Liverwort Trichocolea mollissima. Photo by Leon Perrie.

Liverwort Plagiochila. Several sporophytes are evident, albeit enclosed within perianths. Each sporophyte has a black capsule, where the spores are made, and a whitish, fleshy stalk (the seta). Photo by Leon Perrie.

Liverwort Schistochila. Photo by Leon Perrie.

Moss Tayloria. Often grows on dung! Photo by Leon Perrie.

Moss Scorpidium cossonii (with thanks to Peter Beveridge for the identification), in an alpine seepage. Photo by Leon Perrie.

We are still processing the specimens we collected during the 2010 Workshop. Identification of these small plants can take some time, usually requiring microscopic examination.

From the 2009 Workshop, 575 specimens were accessioned into Te Papa’s herbarium.

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