Share and zoom; new features in Collections Online

This week we’ve introduced a couple of small, but hopefully useful, features to our Collections Online pages.

You may have noticed more and more sites (including this blog) have the ability share pages with your friends via your social network sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, or through other tools such as Gmail. We think this is pretty useful, so have added this to our Collections Online pages. Now you can:

  •  tweet that photograph you might have found particularly beautiful, 
  • save the link to a person you might be researching for an assignment,
  • or just email someone with a rather scary Christmas Cake decoration.

Keep an eye out for the “Like” “Tweet” and “Share” buttons on each page.

New look zooming
We’ve also changed the way our images zoom in Collections Online. Previously on a page for a collection object or specimen you had to click on each image individually to open up a new zoom window. With the new functionality you can click on any of the thumbnails on that page, and all the available images for that object appear in one window. You can then zoom to your heart’s content. Of course we’ve got lots of work still to do in digitising our collections, but for the images we can make available we hope this tool will help you get into the detail of the works. It also gives us the beginnings of some further enhancements we’ll be doing with images and other media in the future.

Try these examples:

PA.000083; Government Courthouse, Apia; Thomas Andrew; Te Papa


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