Colossal squid – happy birthday ‘two’ you

It’s hard to believe but the colossal squid at Te Papa has turned “two”. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today my squid, “Pamela”, is 730 days old – she is 2 years old. 

She now weighs an impressive 306 kilograms (about another 180 kilograms to go before she’s the same weight as the colossal squid on display).

She has travelled 6,570 kilometres in the Southern Ocean (Auckland to Invercargill and back, twice – I feel tired just thinking about it).

She’s looked for more suckers, survived encounters with Japanese whalers and, from the look of her, had a very good time on her adventures.

Pamela's squid, now 2 years old!

Pamela's squid, now 2 years old!

More than 210,000 squid frequent the Build a Squid database – and there’s room for plenty more.

So go and check on your squid, make another, or come in and wish Te Papa’s colossal squid a Happy 2nd Birthday.

7 Responses

  1. Rori

    Happy b day Pamela

  2. jacob

    she has a name pamela

  3. simone

    wow! sounds great have you given her cake and some candles. Good job on traveling mine won’t go any were lazy Stampylongnose!

  4. evangeline

    your doing lots of things

  5. brooklyn

    How big is the closso squid

  6. Mark (Smivs) Smitheman

    Two years, I can’t believe it! The memories are still fresh, and I actually saw the documentary a few weeks ago for the first time as well…excellent.
    Many happy returns!

  7. kristelle plimmer

    Happy Birthday Pamela – hope you get candles on your Patagonian toothfish! Yumm!


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