Rosemary McLeod talks about darning in the Depression

How many of us are darning socks these days?

Some of the most poignant objects on display in Slice of Heaven  – 20th Century Aotearoa are items of clothing that have survived the Great Depression.  They’re such tangible reminders of how hard times were then.  Some things, especially underwear and linings, were darned and patched many, many times.

Mended clothing from Depression

Mended clothing from Depression. Copyright Te Papa 2010.

So I’m really looking forward to Rosemary McLeod’s floor talk tomorrow about these extraordinary remnants of the Depression that she loaned to Te Papa for the exhibition.

Come to Slice of Heaven – Level 4 Te Papa
Saturday 27 November 2010

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  1. pamelalovis

    I have the best darning mushroom – inherited from my Mum. It’s black and yellow plastic, and the handle is pretty nifty as it unscrews to hold your needles and stuff. It makes darning SO much easier 🙂 It’s had a lot of use over the years – my Mum mending the holes in our woolly jumpers, and then me darning my school tights. Even now I dig it out to use – you know, when you buy that expensive pair of fancy tights and on the first day you wear them you put your big toe through the end….

  2. artandmylife

    I darn socks and my kids school tights. Darning mushrooms are difficult to come by/expensive these days. Also it drives me a bit batty doing it


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