Fern Teaching Resource

Ferns now feature on the Science Learning Hub.

Ferns at the Science Learning Hub.

Microsorum pustulatum, Hound's Tongue Fern. (c) Te Papa.

You can find out more about:

What exactly is a fern?

How ferns are identified and classified.

The origins of New Zealand’s ferns.

The role of a botany curator.

The hen and chickens fern.

And a whole lot more…

Te Papa botanists Pat Brownsey and Leon Perrie contributed to this resource, supplying information and images, and were interviewed for some of the videos.

The Science Learning Hub aims to promote student interest and engagement in science by providing contemporary, contextualised resources for teachers based on New Zealand science research. Projects are aimed at Year 5-10 students. The Science Learning Hub is funded by the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology and managed by the University of Waikato.

Science Learning Hub home page.

More about ferns from Te Papa.

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