Te Papa in Botanical Bulletin

A new issue of the Wellington Botanical Society Bulletin has just been published.

Included are three articles by Te Papa staff:

• Curator Carlos Lehnebach describes his research on Uncinia hook-sedges.

• Research Scientist Heidi Meudt writes about her study of Ourisia (native foxgloves).

• I have co-authored an article illustrating, differentiating, and mapping each of the Pseudopanax species (lancewoods and five-fingers).

A native foxglove (Ourisia), Taranaki. Photo by Leon Perrie. © Leon Perrie, Wellington.

Mountain lancewood (Pseudopanax linearis), Heaphy Track. Photo by Leon Perrie. © Leon Perrie, Wellington.

Other articles deal with: searches for an uncommon grass (Simplicia), an extinct scurvy “grass” (Lepidium), and an uncommon aquatic moss (Fissidens berteroi); ecological restoration; history of Otari-Wilton’s Bush; Wellington diatoms; Coprosma hybrids; plants around the National War Memorial’s Carillon; and the obituaries of two Society stalwarts.

The Bulletin is issued free to all members of the Society.

Wellington Botanical Society membership.

Disclaimer: I’m the Bulletin’s editor.

Te Papa blog posts on Uncinia.

Te Papa blog posts on Pseudopanax.

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