Come on in to the Mixing Room

One more sleep to go until The Mixing Room, stories from young refugees in New Zealand opens in the Community Gallery on Level 4 at Te Papa.

We are so very proud of our young people who have contributed to the show and we are flying about 40 of them to Wellington for the day to join in the celebrations.  We’ve got a great day planned. Come along to the Marae on Level 4 to join in on the events.

11:30am Myanmar Youth Group

12pm Abdalla Gabriel poetry reading

12.30pm Red and Crew

1.15pm The Mixing Room Workshop Panel

Find out more details here.

The Mixing Room Mosaic

The Mixing Room Mosaic

Explore this photomosaic.  It’s made up of thousands of photographs of and by young refugees working on the Mixing Room project with us.  This is actually projected 6 metres high in the exhibition and looks amazing.  Let us know what you think.

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  1. kristelleeeeee

    Visual fuzziness aside,and if that is an issue then it can be sorted, it is hard to remember to bring an assortment of physical objects when you are fleeing for your life:
    “Honey, did you get all the kids?”
    “all but one!”
    “and the bullet-proof vest?”
    “we have one to share between the six of us!”
    “and what about the souvenirs?”
    “oh dang, I completely forgot them! shall we go back?”

  2. suggestions

    I found the mixing room a great concept but there are some things perhaps you could look at improving.

    The screens do not work when you you’re sitting so close to them the visuals look really fuzzy. These screens would be okay when viewing from a distance. Also you could do with providing some instructions.

    I also feel the title of the exhibition doesn’t really describe what the exhibition is like I thought it was meant to be a space where the visitors could mash-up content digitally.

    The exhibition could do with completementing the media by having some physical objects which the refugees may have brought with them to N.Z.I know you’re trying to make if cutting edge and using multimedia but physical objects still assist in telling a story.

    Also, one of the monitors on the mosaic wall already seemed to be broken and the exhibitions only been open a week! You might want to fix that?


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