Race Relations Day 2010

The theme for Race Relations Day 2010 is ‘It’s About Us – Whānau’ and we are officially celebrating it on Sunday 21st March – this weekend!  In the days around Race Relations Day community groups, councils, schools, workplaces, marae and places of worship are encouraged to host events and celebrations to acknowledge the value of cultural diversity and the need to support harmonious race relations. Race Relations Day is a time when you or your organisation or community can do something to celebrate, to learn, to discuss, to plan or to promote diversity.  And we at The Mixing Room intend to do just that! It’s an opportunity to launch new initiatives, motivate your family, friends, neighbourhood and colleagues.  Get out there and share the love.

Many events have already began around New Zealand but let’s all make a special effort this weekend to celebrate our diversity in this fine land we share.

Personally I’m heading to the South East Asia Night Market at Frank Kitts Park.  Might see you there!  After all, ‘It’s About Us – Whānau’

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