Paul Cullen on his Sculpture Terrace project A Garden

Followers of the Te Papa blog will probably have seen the post I made about the latest Sculpture Terrace project by Paul Cullen.

The project opened in November last year and at the time Paul was here we worked with Michael Hall from the Te Papa photography team to make a short video of Paul speaking about the work.The clip is now edited and has been loaded onto Te Papa’s You Tube page (there’s lots of other great clips there too).

For quick access, here is the clip of Paul and A Garden.

Blog post about A Garden

Te Papa’s You Tube page

3 Responses

  1. Gardening Services Auckland

    That sculpture terrace garden was amazing. Such a perfect blend of architecture and gardening.

  2. charlottehuddleston

    Hi Bruce, glad to hear you enjoyed the work. Thanks for your support.


  3. Bruce Wilson

    The sculptures make a potentially dull space much more interesting notwithstanding the fantastic view. Good on Te Papa for supporting the artist.


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