Christmas tree tikis at Te Papa

It’s Christmas at Te Papa and this year’s Christmas tree decorations are on a pounamu and paua theme.

Te Papa's pounamu and paua Christmas tree

Te Papa's pounamu and paua Christmas tree

The colourful creations include tikis as you’ve never seen them before! Here’s one with fabulous tropical looking flowers…

tiki decorations on the Te Papa Christmas tree

Tiki decorations on the Te Papa Christmas tree

But my favourite tiki is this one with it’s red sparkly hearts…

Christmas tree tiki with sequins

Christmas tree tiki with sequins at Te Papa

If you’d like to make a decoration to add to the tree come along to Te Huka a Tai, the Discovery Centre on Level 4.

Or to see the pounamu hei tiki that inspired these tiki creations, plus many more hei tiki made from pounamu, check out the Kura Pounamu exhibition on level 4 and the pounamu website.

Meri kirihimete!

4 Responses

  1. pamelalovis

    Hi Sartenada
    Thanks for your interest in our Te Papa Christmas tree and happy New Year to you.

    I had a look at your photo blog
    you have some beautiful pictures and it’s interesting to see Finland in the snow.

    What do your Christmas trees in Finland look like?

    Best wishes

  2. sartenada

    Lovely looking Christmas tree although it differs from that we have.

  3. James Dean

    I visited Te Papa in December expecting a lot for the amount of NZ taxpayer dollars it uses. I found it to be below average and certainly not worthy of calling itself a “national” museum. It was very disappointing, except for the Greenstone exhibition. It seemed like a grade 3 science project over 4 floors. The wood museum in Putaturu was more interesting. Shame on the directors who allow this travesty to occur. I will not be recommending anyone waste their time there.

  4. ghd

    I wish you have a wonderful day!Thank you.


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