Even more cars in the building!

As of tomorrow until next Tuesday (2 October) we have even more racing cars on display to add to the wonderful mix that are already upstairs in our Formula One™ – The Great Design Race  exhibition.

Toyota Racing Series have brought with them their big transporter truck (way too big to get inside the building – hence being parked out front 🙂 and four of their series racing cars. Two are actual cars used in races, one is a showcar (no engine – but thats the one you can sit in and have your photo taken if you show staff your F1 exhibition ticket) and the other is a specially-made two-seater.

They came to Te Papa today to unload and set up – but we’re running out of room! Janelle ran around trying to find where we could park two of the cars (where our bigs goods lift has access to as well)

ooh – shes a smart cookie…

Where do you reckon we put them? © Te Papa, 2009.

Where do you reckon we put them? © Te Papa, 2009.Single seater is on the left. © Te Papa, 2009.

Single seater. © Te Papa, 2009. Compare the front wings with the MP4-21. © Te Papa, 2009.

They’ll all be wheeled out tonight ready for you tomorrow – 2 inside and 2 outside.

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