See Te Papa on TVNZ6 from tomorrow!


Join Simon Morton and Riria Hotere for your personal guided tour of the nation’s treasures when TVNZ6, in partnership with Te Papa and Vero, launch Tales from Te Papa on Tuesday 1 September!

Tales from Te Papa is a series of mini-docos (between 2-5 minutes long) showcasing significant objects and taonga from the collections of Te Papa and other museums.  I know Simon from his Saturday afternoon programme on Radio New Zealand, ‘This Way Up’ and he has also hosted the show  ‘Why We Buy?’ for TVNZ. 

Riria Hoter and Simon Morton - your guides to NZ's cultural treasures in Tales from Te Papa

Riria Hotere and Simon Morton - your guides to NZ's cultural treasures in Tales from Te Papa

Riria works here at Te Papa in our awesome Education team and has featured on the te reo programme ‘Korero Mai’.  Using their inquisitive minds, they get to know some of the curators and collection managers at Te Papa and discover the fascinating and sometimes unexpected stories from Te Papa’s collections.

Tune into TVNZ6 at 8.25pm Tuesday 1 September to catch the premiere episode.  The episodes will screen each night between 6pm and midnight so keep an eye out.  If you miss any, they will be available on TVNZ6’s website and we will get them on here as soon as possible too.

We’d love to know what you think so have a look and feel free to comment  – you may even have some suggestions for future programmes!

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  1. jane keig

    Hi Angela
    We’re still working through how our friends and fans from overseas will be able to access the clips. Will keep you posted!

  2. Angelina Russo

    How tremendous to see this initiative. Wish I could watch it from Australia! Will they be vodcast at all? I’ll put a link onto Museum3.0!


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