Collections Online tour; part 2, Topics

Continuing our tour of the new version of  Collections Online, today we look at topics.  As well as making our collections accessible online, we’re also trying to make more of our knowledge and research available. One way we are doing that is through topics.

Topics range from simple groupings of content we want to highlight,  through to more “authored” hierarchical narratives. They could be something that has come from months of research or simple an idea  a curator had at lunch.

As well as creating new topics from current research, we’ve also gathered up some texts that were scattered around in disparate places, added them to Collections Online, and relating them to objects, people and other topics.  This makes information that was previously difficult to find, or maybe only available if you could find the book, available to a wider range of people. It also enables us to share this content with collaborative projects such as DigitalNZ.

WWI topic

Take a look at a few examples:

And don’t forget, all these topics are linked to collection objects, parties, categories and other topics.  Browse away!

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