Collections Online tour; part 1, objects

Our new version of Collections Online has much more content, types of information, and browsing possibilities than before. There’s a bit too much to explain in one post so we’re going to break it up over a series of posts. First up, the obvious, Te Papa’s Collection.

Motor Car, 1903, Peugeot, Gift of A.R. and J.D. Green, 1955

Of course a primary goal of ours is to provide access to our collections. The Collection objects currently available on Collections Online come from the range of Te Papa’s collections, with some areas represented better than others. Objects and works from the entire Art, History and Pacific collections, and much of our Taonga Maori and Photography collections, have at least a basic record online, with many having images and extended descriptions. We also have many records from our natural environment collections.  Currently there are over 150,000 records, with over 40,000 of those having images. We release more objects, images and upgraded information every day.

In this new version of Collection Online we’ve added a few features to better describe our objects:  

  • Multiple images, e.g. the Peugeot , or John Reynolds’ Cloud,  and most of these are zoomable. We’ll be looking to add other types of media soon.
  • Down the right hand side you’ll see related People, Places and Categories. We’ll talk about these individually in more detail later but in short, they add context and help you browse through to related objects and content
  • Related objects, for example images from a Photograph album
  • Just for fun, we’ve also added a randomiser. You can access this from the Collections Online home page, and we’ve also got a random object on the main Te Papa homepage.

Next entry in the Collections Online tour: Topics 

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  1. Brett

    I checked out the old car. The zoom was great and I look forward to seeing more of the collection in that scale. Would like to have a look from the different sides and top and bottom.


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