DigitalNZ’s Make It Digital

DigitalNZ is a collaborative project led by the National Library of New Zealand that has been around for a few months now. They have already done fantastic things with providing tools for searching across New Zealand digital content from a range of organisations, including from Te Papa’s Collections Online, as well as providing access for developers  (via an API)  to create new ways for people to engage with that content.

Today they launched the Make It Digital service. From their blog:

1. The Guides and Ask a Question sections are designed to help people who are trying to create new digital content, or digitise their stuff. A lot of you will have questions on how to go about digitisation and this is the place where you can ask. We hope that some of you will be able to share your expertise by answering others’ questions, and helping us to write and update the guides.

2. The Voting section – It’s a public forum for people to share their ideas for new NZ digital content, with voting and commenting functions. There’s some great ideas in there already that you can vote on, for example, School Journal, New Zealand music artwork and Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives.

As with all DigitalNZ work so far, Make It Digital has the makings of a fantastic service, and we’re really looking forward to see it grow, and watching people contribute, ask, share and create! Check it out here

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