’71…’88…’92…’06… No, it’s not bingo.

These are the years of the cars that were unloaded today and are now safely inside the building… two of my favourites included:

The 2006 McLaren MP4-21. Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

The 2006 McLaren MP4-21. Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

They’ve been travelling by sea for weeks all alone in their containers… waiting for you to come and see them 🙂

The 1992 Williams FW14B. Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

The 1992 Williams FW14B. Copyright Museumof New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

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  1. Paid Surveys UK

    Wow, really impressed with this post, will add you to my rss feeds, good work!

  2. Bingo

    Great blog post, will bookmark your site and also add your rss feed to my feed readers! Many thanks for a very good read!

  3. Sam Robinson

    Yeh i was there working with the Porsche GT3 Cup with Jono Lester.

    Willy is actually gonna be lapping it up with me at every round next year to help me learn the circuits, ill flick him a txt and tell him he is on the TePapa blog!!

  4. emmab

    Hey Sam – were you up at Manfeild racing last March? I went to the 54 NZ GP – watched Earl’s little bro tip his Suzuki over…
    If this link doesn’t work type in ‘Kitty litter’ into the Te Papa blog search. I was there watching the Toyota Racing Series cars and checking out the potential audience for our F1 exhibiton. I had so much fun!

  5. Sam Robinson

    *testing race cars, not race races haha

  6. Sam Robinson

    Was testing race races in Taupo, getting into the groove before start testing my Suzuki Swift Cup Car in the lead up to the season over the summer, cant wait!

  7. emmab

    Is that you Mz M? ta for your comment – got more excellent pics and stuff to go onto the website – keep your eyes peeled

  8. emmab

    Hey Sam

    no point in coming yet – wait until its all up and ready for ya – 15 July 🙂

    Then it’ll being looking all delish – gorgeous cars, mood lighting ;), our Kiwi greats and their stories, original footage – its gonna be great!

    What are you testing?

  9. Sarah

    WOW! Cool photos and website. Thanks emmab

  10. Sam Robinson

    Ohh cant wait ahhhhh!!!!!

    Was testing in Taupo yesterday so wouldnt have been able to come down for a quick look anyway 🙁


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