Presenting the McLaren-Honda MP4-4…

… especially for Sam 🙂

The McLaren MP4-4 on display in the Design Museum, London

On display in the Design Museum, London. Image reproduced courtesy of the Design Museum, London.

Formula One™ – The Great Design Race will have 9 cars on display – so I thought I’d give you a taster of what you’ll see when you come. Of course an image on a blog doesn’t come close to seeing the real thing!

This car seriously rocks – it dominated the 1988 season, and of course owes some of its success to its driver, the legendary Ayrton Senna. Together they won the Drivers’ Championship for that year.

Alain Prost drove the other MP4-4 that year. The team racked up 15 out of 16 Grand Prix wins, 10 second places, 15 pole positions, 10 fastest laps, and the Constructors’ Championship…phew!

So what was its advantage? Well, Senna and Prost were mighty fine drivers but it was also partially due to the car’s turbocharged Honda RA168E V6 engine which deliver up to 900 bhp. 1988 was the final year that turbocharged engines were permitted in Formula One.

You can come and see this beastie here at Te Papa from July 15.

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  1. tayf

    Hi – by chance would you happen to have the other half of this mp4-4 image somewhere? Please send me an email if you do – I would be incredibly appreciative!

  2. jane keig

    @Bruce and Denny
    I would second, third and fourth that motion!
    We will have a McLaren Can-Am car on display in the Wellington Foyer over the first 5 days the exhibition is on. Love the Billy Apple!

  3. Bruce and Denny

    More McLarens in gallerys, eh?


  4. emmab

    So you reckon the McLaren was just ‘alright’? the MP4-4 was the real McCoy that season 🙂 You’re right though – Schumacher’s reign was pretty amazing – although it’s over now and arguably you’ll have to take hats off to how well Button is doing this season – 5 outta 6 so far is pretty good! Reckon he’ll win the Drivers Championship?
    Nah to the fan car – that would’ve been great to see – I personally want can’t wait to see the Williams FW14B and the McLaren MP4-21 🙂

  5. Russcolli

    Tis tosh, the Professor’s McLaren was alright but for all dominating performance your best car looks to me to be the Ferrari F2004. Schuey dominated F1 like no other driver has before or since, the F2004 along with the F2002 was the real McCoy.

    any chance of a Braham fan car?

  6. Sam Robinson

    I absolutely love it!!!

    Roll on next month, it cant come quick enough!!!!!


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