Formula One at Te Papa… and a little chair waits…

Visa Platinum Gallery, empty and waiting...

Visa Platinum Gallery, empty and waiting…

We’ve carefully deinstalled the precious Monets and others – they’re already back in Boston…

Nearly all the walls have been taken down…

The Visa Platinum Gallery on Level 4 here at Te Papa is pretty much empty – in fact I think the last time I saw it so empty was for Henry Moore in 2002…ish. Have to confess – it’s an excellent space to sing very loudly in 🙂

So this little chair waits… what’s going in there?



sexy Formula One cars

– along with a whole lot of other amazing objects and stories.
Formula One™ – The Great Design Race will be opening 15 July 2009.

I can’t wait!

Psst – don’t worry, we’ll sweep the floor.

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  1. Peter Russell

    Thanks emmab 🙂
    Can’t wait !

  2. emmab

    Hey Pete
    apologies for not posting a reply straight away, the answer is…
    YES 🙂 – take photos of all 9 cars only, no flash (including for moving image) and no tripods. other than that snap away to your hearts content

  3. Peter Russell

    Looks like a great show! Is photography allowed ?

  4. emmab

    Hey Chirag

    OF COURSE there will be a Ferrari – an F2004 to be precise 🙂 Check out our Events page on our F1 website so when you come down to see the exhibition you know what else is on for you to see and do

  5. Chirag

    Hi I love F1 i havent missed a single Race in last 14 years…..huge fan…..and never miss a chance like this

    I stay in auckland….so fill fly in wellington to see the cars…any chance of ferrari coz i am a ferrari follower

  6. Sam Robinson

    Oh yes the chrome McLarens look awesome, i heard the MP4-4 from 1988 will be there, one of my favourites of all time!!

  7. emmab

    Excellent – thats great to hear 🙂 We’ll be having 3 McLarens – how does that sound? One’s an MP4-21 – it’s beautiful…

  8. Sam Robinson

    I dont really have any favourites, but will admit to being a McLaren man, me and a friend are taking the 15th July off work so we can come see as soon as 🙂

  9. emmab

    Hey Sam

    well you’re gonna have to – just a wee bit longer… who are you following on the 2009 season?

  10. Sam Robinson

    I cant handle waiting any longer lets get this road on the road ahhhhhh must get my F1 fix, its been 2 months since i last saw a F1 car!!


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