Leon and Pat on the Radio New Zealand National


Loxsoma cunninghamii - the tuatara of ferns

Loxsoma cunninghamii - the tuatara of ferns

Interested in ferns? As a keen gardener,  I’ve been enjoying Leon’s blogs about ferns. So I was delighted when I heard Leon Perrie and Pat Brownsey talking with Alison Ballance on Radio New Zealand National. You can listen to the two parts (30 April 2009 and 7 May 2009) from the Our Changing World programme.

Pat and Leon took a walk through Otari-Wilton’s Bush in Wellington last November.  Otari-Wilton’s bush is a fantastic botanic garden in Wellington dedicated solely to native New Zealand plants.

Leon and Pat find loads of interesting ferns – including the Tuatara of ferns, Loxsoma cunninghamii, more about the false Hen and Chicken’s fern, and edible ferns including King ferns and bracken.

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