War memorials for Anzac Day

St Marys Church war memorial, Nelson, February 2009

St Marys Church war memorial, Nelson, February 2009

To the left is a war memorial that I discovered in Nelson. It is on the grounds of St Marys Catholic Church in Manuka Street.

St marys Church, February 2009

St Marys Church, February 2009

I don’t know anything about this memorial and it’s not listed on the register of war memorials on NZHistory.net.nz. Any information about it would be gratefully recieved.

It would also be great to receive your photos of local war memorials, to post on the OurSpace map to help illustrate a talk I am giving on Sunday. On the top of my wish list is a photo of the Kaitaia memorial, the first one to be unveiled in New Zealand in March 1916.

My talk is the day after Anzac Day, which is a day of remembrance that acknowledges the sacrifice of New Zealand’s servicemen and women.  My previous blog mentioned how important war memorials have been to this annual event, so the more images of memorials the better. If you get to a Anzac Day service on Saturday, try to take some photos and that way you can be part of Te Papa’s Anzac Day events too.

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  1. sartenada

    War memorials make us to remember what has happened.


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