The ups and downs of the museum world

Greetings from the mid-West and MW2009.

I’ve spent the last 6 days in Indianapolis being overstimulated at the Museums and the Web 2009 conference. When I’m  back at my work desk in a few weeks I’ll share the things I’ve learned, and do some things to put the ideas into action!

At the Best of the Web conference awards yesterday evening Brooklyn Museum got 3 awards!! – a distinct “up”. But this was followed closely by an announcement of cutbacks to avoid staff being laid off – a definite “down”.

Many of us in NZ museums were lucky enough to meet Shelley Bernstein from the Brooklyn Museum and hear her excellent lecture.

Brooklyn Museum has been a great inspiration to many museums – even as far away as us in New Zealand – so this is a way to let them know how much we support them and appreciate the work they do.


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