I’m lovin’ the lillies – over 1000 Make a ‘Monets’!

Lynda Gs lillies

Lynda G's lillies

Wow – I love the response we have been getting to Make a ‘Monet’. People are so talented and take such beautiful photographs! Check out the gallery.
Margaret Lows Haystacks

Margaret Low's Haystacks

Thanks to everyone who have made ‘Monets’! We hit 1000 last night so I’m taking the team out to celebrate with coffee! I’ve picked out some of my favourites – mind you I am a web person not an art person so please bear that in mind – and there are heaps that are fabulous.

Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray

If you haven’t had a go then please do - I’d love to see your pics! All you do is upload a photo – or take one with your webcam, ‘paint’ it with the brushes, sign it and save it to our gallery. Oh and comment on other people’s images – it’s always nice to get some feedback.

Palmerston North in spring

Palmerston North in spring

I’d love to hear which ones you think work really well. And here’s one that makes me smile…

Is it a squid? No - its Jen the Lobster!

Is it a squid? No - it's Jen the Lobster!

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