Shelley and the squid

New Zealand museums and galleries had a treat this week when Shelley Bernstein, the Chief of Technology at the Brooklyn Museum in New York paid us a flying visit. This was all thanks to our generous friends at the National Library, especially Courtney Johnston.

After a thought provoking lecture on Tuesday at the National Library to a full auditorium Shelley paid Te Papa a visit on Wednesday morning. A group of museum peeps interested in online projects and social media met up with her to share our experiences.

We had a visit to Our Space and then a look at the colossal squid. Robert, our conservator was able to give us a quick peek at the squid and explain the work he’s doing. We’re taking to heart the message about making the museum and the things we do here more transparent – he and others are going to be working on the squid in front of our visitors this week and next.

Shelley took some great pics and you can see these on her Brooklyn Museum Flickr photostream.

Love the T- shirt Shelley! thanks so much for sharing your work with us and for being so inspiring – we hope to see you back in NZ sometime soon.

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  1. Nathan

    now that is what i love to see, passionate people working together. this project seems to be moving forward at a great pace, i like how you do not overlook any small chance to get the real people working into the picture, such as Don your pump guy, 🙂

  2. Shelley

    Hi Pamela – it was such a fantastic visit with all of you! Thanks so much for the sneak peek at the squid and ourspace – I’ve been enjoying the behind-the-scenes blog posts on squiddy. I love Te Papa and was so happy to get to finally visit in person!


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