Kitty litter

Manfeild track has some great straights to get your speed up – and some tricky corners. My favourite (because I’m a ghoul) is the first corner at the end of the straight where the cars start off from. Lots of cars spun out on that corner over the weekend – no driver was hurt, most being able to point their cars back into the correct direction and carry on.  Made things nice and spicy for us spectators though!

Another furry corner was helpfully right in front of the stands – good views! The ‘off road entertainment’ I saw was the first race out on Sunday morning from the Suzuki Production Racing – and it was damp.

Recovering the Suzuki out of the gravel pit

Recovering the Suzuki out of the gravel pit

In the photo, the rescue truck with its lights on is facing the right direction. The little Suzuki (William Bamber was driving – Earl’s wee brother) got caught on the edge of the track and spun, sliding parallel to the gravel pit (you see it as the grey area directly above the fence of ads). The gravel is quite deep, catching the wheels which stopped the car sliding. But the momentum of the car encouraged the body of it to keep going and so it rolled, quite sedately I thought.

William was fine – although if I was his mum I’m not sure I could watch. My fingernails would definately be bitten to the quick.

What these gravel pits are called?

Kitty litter 🙂

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  1. emmab

    I’m glad you found it interesting – you’ve probably already ascertained that I am no expert when it comes to motor racing but thought that these races seen through the eyes of someone who has never been might be fun.

    And yes – I have been sucked into the sport a bit, I did watch the Melbourne F1 over the weekend 🙂

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