On the grid

The dummy grid is where the cars get organised by the grid marshalls before going out onto the starter grid for the race.

Dummy grid complete with the Pit Marshals

Dummy grid complete with the Grid Marshalls

It reminds me of when you take your car onto the Cook Strait ferry. You have to turn up at least an hour earlier so they can organise the cars in a grid formation at the wharf so they can confirm that they can fit you all on board the ship.

Dummy grid for the Porsche GT3 Cup

Dummy grid for the Porsche GT3 Cup

… but they make you bring your luggage on separately… like all your tyres:

All the tyres you might ever need

All the tyres you might ever need

It’s when fans who are allowed in the area can get a closer (within reason) look at the cars, and the photographers can take some good pre-raceshots. The V8s were popular – TVNZ filmed the cars coming from the dummy grid.

The Marshals organising the V8s

The Marshalls organising the V8s

3 Responses

  1. Sam Robinson

    I can see me in the 2nd photo on the dummy grid!

  2. Emma @ Te Papa

    LOL – I’m sure there were some Holdens needing fixing too Pat :)- hate to have to tell you but the winner of the V8 races here at Manfeild was Johnny Mac in… a Ford

  3. pat

    nice job em.typical all the shots of pit lane
    are off the guys fixn th fords!!!!!!!!!!!!oh now thats nasty…


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