And now for something a little different…

I’m off to Feilding this Saturday and to be honest am quite excited about it – why? you ask


But I’ll back the car up a bit and explain why I’m going: part of my job is to be visitor advocate, mostly in the exhibitions we create, but also online product such as mini-sites, computer games, and blogs. We try to make sure that the storylines make sense, is there a different way to tell this story – should we do it by a label beside the object, or an image, or can we tell the story in an audio visual?

But to be a good advocate you have to have some understanding of your visitor. It’s pretty tricky trying to cater for absolutely everyone all at once – so sometimes you’ll find we put on exhibitions that you’ll be dying to go see and other times are quite happy to miss. Certain exhibitions for certain audiences.

But – what if you’re an advocate for a potential audience you really don’t know much about? How will you know what they might or might not like?

Do as the Romans do – get in amongst them, watch and learn.

So – I am going to the New Zealand Grand Prix at Manfeild raceway to check out potential visitors. I have never been to motor races before in my life and thought that seeing all this from a first-timer’s point of view would be interesting to share.

Keep checking in over the weekend as I’ll be blogging live. My job really rocks sometimes 🙂

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