Kia ora Mr President

Pamela's Obama squid

To ‘honour’ Barack Obama as the new American President I’ve made him a squid.

Possibly not one of the honours he was thinking of when he took office but I thought he’d like it anyway. You can follow his squid adventures:

  1. Go to the Build a Squid interactive,
  2. Click on ‘Find your squid’, 
  3. then ‘Search for any squid by name’ and enter ”Barack Obama”.

It was a job deciding what colour (or more appropriately colours) he should be.  But I decided on the following: 

  • the biggest eyes because he’s got a lot to look out for;
  • a good strong mantle (a bit like having a pair of wide human shoulders) because he’s got a heap of things to do and much to deliver on;
  • a nice pair of big purple fins (purple being a healthy mix of red and blue) to help him steer things in the right direction;
  • and long tentacles with a tint of green to reach out for all those ‘green’ issues.

Good luck with your new job Mr President…. I hope you like your squid.

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  1. b something, something.

    of course he think of the possibility of being a squid. 😉
    niccccccccccce, our president would be proud.


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