Squid in Our Space

The colossal squid is a popular girl! We open the doors at Te Papa at 10am each day. After just a few minutes – and even on a beautiful Wellington day like today – there’s a crowd of people down in the squid exhibition, eager to get a good look. Lots of you have taken pics of the colossal squid so you can show your friends “what you did in the holidays”.

Visitors have also been having fun with the colossal squid in Our Space – that’s Te Papa’s new digital interactive where you generate the content. It’s on level 2 of the building, just down from the squid. If you haven’t visited or joined the community then it’s another great thing to do these holidays.

I’m a newbie to Our Space and still finding my way around.  You need to visit a couple of times on-site and remember to join the online community, explore the website and upload your own media.  Then you really start to get the hang of it and realise what a cool thing it is to do!

We loaded some Te Papa squid images before Christmas. Today I checked out if anyone had been using them on The Wall in Our Space.  Once you’ve logged in as a member, you just search on “squid” and you can see what images have been used and when.

So to whoever got creative with the colossal squid, thank you – I love your work, especially the eyeball pic.

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