All clear!

The bubbles are just about gone and the squid tank is all clear! You can now get a really good, clear view of this amazing specimen.

Last night we had to close off the squid exhibition for a few hours, during our normal Thursday evening opening hours. The team took out about 600 litres of fluid from the tank, lowering the level of the liquid. They then carefully added the liquid back into the tank using a gravity feed, rather than pumping it in – to avoid adding in any air.

The annoying bubbles had been sticking to the tank lid through surface tension. By changing the liquid out in this way, we’ve managed to get rid of nearly all the bubbles.

It was also a chance for us to have a good look at the squid specimen and check out how it’s doing. The squid was sitting quite close against the lid of the tank, which is not ideal as this may cause damage to the tissues. The liquid changeover has improved things but we will need to keep reviewing things over the next few weeks.

We also took the opportunity to add in some more biocide to the tank liquid, to make sure that no nasty moulds are growing on it!

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