Flying Squid – she’s on the move!

Morning squidlings!

Its ALL GO! Its 4am and we’re moving the colossal squid in her tank (minus most of the preservative liquid) from Te Papa’s building at the top of Tory St – down about the 5 blocks to our main building at the bottom of Cable St.

KEEP COMING back to this blog – we’re constantly taking photos and will be uploading and blogging as much as possible.

I feel like there’s only us up in the whole of Wellington – oh and the two squid fans who are across the road watching the whole thing (there really are fans – I went over and asked them) – but considering we’ve got lurkers and squid fans from around the world I’m hoping you’re reading this too – send us a big hello why don’t you!

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  1. Ruth Gaeta

    Hi, This is Ruth Gaeta who posted y’all above, from Ga, USA. now living in Wilmington, NC, a seaport city. Still love the sea, nearly 89 years old now and if I’m reincarnated I hope to come back as a porpoise and play with the unicorns which I’ve heard have found a place in the sea. I wonder if your big guy is still on display, and if someone will see and answer this. It’s been a long time………. and whether this is answered or not I’m happy I stumbled across your website. Lots of memories there, including conversation with Jane Keig and Emma. Fondly, Ruth Gaeta

  2. celil

    I want to thank you. So good to hear from you. It has been the most amazing experience and such a pleasure to meet squid fans from all over the world. I have been happy for this post.

    • janekeig

      Celil, it has been amazing for us as well! We loved learning about it and sharing with you and everyone else who tuned in and continue to let us at Te Papa what it meant to them. A huge thanks from the team, your comments inspire us!

  3. greencard

    Is there any information about this subject in other languages?

  4. Emma @ Te Papa

    Hey Ruth – Kitty Hawk! How cool is that! 🙂 Much as I’d love to meet you and your husband in person, I am enjoying reading your comments and will be happy with those instead. Keep it up!

  5. Ruth Gaeta

    Sure wish we could come! My husband and I are 85 years old, lived in Kitty Hawk, NC, near the sea for thirty years, love all things about and in it. We’ll keep visiting you through the internet.

  6. Emma @ Te Papa

    Hey Ruth 🙂

    actually we intend for her to be in display for a wee while so I reckon you should start saving and COME OVER! Go on – you’ll have so much fun!

  7. janekeig

    Hi Ruth! So good to hear from you. It has been the most amazing experience and such a pleasure to meet squid fans from all over the world! Letting you know that the display tanks lid went on this morning so the exhibition is well on track

  8. Ruth Gaeta

    Hi from Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA. Just happened to see a bit in the Atlanta paper to know it’s nearing the time of your exhibition opening, after so much time waiting. What an amazing feat, wish we could see your big guy in person but we’ll enjoy it via your website. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Emma @ Te Papa

    Yay! Hi Kevin and a big hello back to you 🙂

    Yes – a huge amount of thought and care has gone into this project. We want to preserve her as much as possible, learn from and about her as much as possible but also share her with everyone else as much as possible!

    So if you might not be able to come over and see her in person you can check out the website:
    At the moment it’s counting down to the exhibition opening but will switch over to a site with a lot more information, images and designing your own squid on it.

  10. Kevin Z

    A big hello from North Carolina, USA! As a marine invertebrate biologist I am heartened by the care you take for your exceptional specimens!


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