Building the Squid exhibition

Yesterday, 17 November, the exhibition team started to install the Colossal Squid exhibition. Wow – only 24 days to opening!

The Squid exhibition is going to be installed into part of an existing exhibition space –  Mountains to Sea. So yesterday the hoardings were put up to block off the space and the install team came in. First they have to deinstall what’s already there, then install the new exhibition.

Hutch Wilco, Exhibitions Preparator, explains what they will do in this short video.

3 Responses

  1. mike s

    I cant wait to finish of the tank assembly, it has been exciting to take part in this project…

  2. tepapamuseum

    Hey thanks Robert,

    Can’t wait to see what the tank will look like in situ – it’s a pretty impressive size and will look fantastic surrounded by the other sea creatures. We’ll keep you posted,

    Lucy H

  3. Robert Stanley

    This looks incredible!


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