We have lift-off!

Word of warning – the lift is about to happen. Tune in now to see it all unfold… hopefully not literally 😉

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  1. Helen


    Having had some sleep, not a lot (it’s so unfair It’s 10.30am Wednesday 6th August) here in the Western Isles, Scotland (Benebecula, UK) and I have already done 10.30am on the 6th August – see what I mean about jetlag!

    Have read some of the posts that have come in since I crawled off to bed at 3.30am and I think you all got me and Karen in Nova Scotia mixed up, but what the heck. It appears there were more women this time round watching and you guys did an amazing job.

    I will be in NZ for the next rugby world cup and you can expect me at Te Papa.

    Can’t wait for the video to see this stitching!!

    Many thanks once again.


  2. tepapamuseum

    Woo hoo Joan and Carol – you go girls! The stitching is progressing here. Hope you are enjoying the show.

  3. Carol D

    Yep and so are these ladies in california.

  4. Joan Winters

    Thanks so much for letting us all watch the fun and excitement. The lady from Nova Scotia may have gone to bed but this lady from Minneapolis, Minnesota is still awake and enjoying every minute!!

  5. Carol D

    Good job guys. Happy stitching. Thanks for waiting for me to come back from my swim.

  6. chrispaulin

    Hope you enjoyed the lift! It was a pretty tense few moments – Especially as the roller garage door make a heck of a noise when they shook the cradle!

  7. Robbie

    Awesome distraction at work!


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