So long and thanks

Lowering the squid into the display tank

Lowering the squid into the display tank - 3248 - © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

We’re about to wrap up here for another day. Rob’s not going to start adding in the glycol until tomorrow- you can find out more about that in Rob’s post. Steve will also do some more stitching.

Sewing up cuts in the tail and mantle

Sewing up cuts in the tail and mantle - 3254 - © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Then the lid will be put on the display tank and the preservation tank will be dismantled.

Bruce Marshall with the squid in the display tank

Bruce Marshall with the squid in the display tank - 3260 - © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

The exhibition team in the mean time will keep on designing the exhibition -getting the squid into the tank is the first step.

The Discovery Channel will also be broadcasting the documentary soon! The film crew has been with us throughout the whole process so that will be really exciting. They reckon it is going to be broadcast on the 31 August this year!

Update on opening date – Sorry no date yet but we hope to announce that in the next month or so. If you would like to join a mailing list then please email lucyr at

Thanks again for watching and reading and commenting – keep you posted!

Here's looking at you

Here's looking at you - 3259 - © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

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  1. chrispaulin

    Don’t forget the other Te Papa blogs
    * 20th Century History (6)
    * Colossal squid (92)
    * Podcasts (3)
    * Pygmy right whale (22)
    * Whales | Tohorā (49)
    * World War One Memorial Project (3)

  2. Chrispaulin

    Just another day at the office! Meanwhile fingers crossed that we don’t have to deal with another specimen before we get this one out of the lab area . . .

  3. Mark (Smivs) Smitheman

    Thanks again for sharing this unique event with us. The transfer to the display tank was fascinating and exiting, but I must confess I gave up before the ‘needlecraft’ as it was 4 in the morning here in Blighty and I felt like the squid looked!
    The picture and transmission quality did seem much better than the examination earlier in the year…well done.
    Looking forward to any more webcasts you do…please keep us posted.
    Is it OK to add another picture (the squid’s face) to my site
    if I credit it to you?

  4. Helen

    Just another day at the office for you then Chris!

  5. chrispaulin

    Now that the squid is in the display tank we still don’t have much spare time! We have to prepare the mounting system which will support the squid in the tank so that it doesn’t just collapse into a heap of calamari at the bottom; then we have to install the lighting system in the tank, complete planning and prepare other parts of the display, write the text for the labels and have them printed, build the necessary display furniture for the gallery . . . not to mention moving the display tank and squid from the lab area to the museum building!

  6. Chris Paulin

    Hi Lee
    The repair work has been a topic of debate! As the specimen has been damaged (in addition to the cuts it has lost quite a bit of skin)it will not be possible to display it in “pristine” condition and it will be impossible to hide all the stitching. The repair work is all part of the story of this specimen, which will be the only one on display in the world. Maybe one day another specimen in better condition will be available!

  7. Jean McKinnon

    Thanks for this, look forward to seeing the archived footage!



  8. Sharon

    Thanks for another great squid viewing experience. The camera angles were great, and is it just my imagination, or did you have a newer, better, camera this time? The clarity was amazing! Wish I could get to NZ to see her when she is finally installed in her new home, but this is the next best thing.

  9. Brook

    Thank you so much for the heads up on the newest webcast, Lucy! I would have missed it completely had it not been for you contacting those of us who blogged previously.

    You all have done amazingly with our pretty little squid. I can’t wait to see the Discovery Channel documentary.

    Please keep us posted as to any further activity or webcasts. I don’t want to miss anything!!!

    Wow… now that she’s going to be permanently fixes and on display, what will everyone do with their spare time? 🙂

    Florida, USA

  10. lee

    I just remembered, during the live webcam I heard someone say that whenever your stitch something up it is done in such a way to be as visible as possible. Were they having a jab at Steve’s needle and thread work or is that actually true. If it is true, why must any repair work be highly visible?
    Thanks again

  11. tepapamuseum

    Lee – Steve says you’re a friend of his! He appreciates your comments – “no one else does!” say Steve – he’s standing right next to me. Thanks for watching

  12. lee

    Thanks for letting me know about this webcast. I saw more of it this time than last time. I do hope that the smell was much better this time around. Most memorable moments, Steve putting on his rubber trousers before winching the squid to the display tank and the sewing. Now Steve didnt do a bad job afterall. critiques of Steves sewing should try it themselves. It;s obviously harder to do than one thinks. Oh, and a hint for next time, please dont mention testing the salinity of the water by tasting it right on lunch time *putrid*! trying to move unmentionables in full view of the cam was just sooooo amusing- trust the camera operator to keep showing him in this embarassing moment. Anyway. much appreciated and keep me posted on upcoming stuff. thanks, God bless and Goodnight.Everyone sure earned their money today.


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