Link to the Webcam – Squidcam’s up and running tonight

The link to the webcam is now running:

The display tank should be arriving between 4.30 and 5 pm.

(The large blue sling is currently hanging over the tank) . . .

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  1. karen

    Awwwwwww you guys, that was Sooooooo sweet that you all looked into the cam and waved!!!! And you mentioned me “the lady in Nove Scotia” hehe That was Awsome 🙂

  2. karen

    I’ll just have to make my eyes stay awake for awhile longer then wont I, hehe The video will be great, but nothing like watching “live” hehe

    Thanks everybody, your Great!!

  3. tepapamuseum

    After the film crews have gone, we’ll be doing some stitching! Jane, the Communications manager here thinks they will be doing something within half an hour. If you go to bed we’ll be putting video up some time in the next week so you can catch up then.

  4. karen

    Awwww thanks guys :)Glad I could help, hehe
    I’d Love to visit sometime and see the squid for real!!

  5. karen

    will you be stitching it up soon, just wondering as its almost midnight here, lol

    What will be taking place after its repaired?

  6. tepapamuseum

    We’ll have some video up – next week I hope – so if you go to bed you can catch up with what’s left of the day. They are going to do the sewing up, fill up the tank with glycol and then put the lid on.

    You’ll have to come and visit us down under some time and see the squid in real life!

  7. karen

    It was just as exciting here for me too 🙂 Would have loved to been there to see in person… bad I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, lol

  8. chrispaulin

    Sleep well Helen – I tell you it was an exciting time here! I swear Bruce, the collection mananger in charge of the squid, hardly breathed during the whole process! Thanks for joining us.

  9. tepapamuseum

    No worries Karen – you have been giving us excellent technical support – letting us know when things are down…hee hee. Hope you caught the lift – it was pretty exciting here!

  10. Helen

    Hi guys

    Thank you all so much for inviting me along to share this experience with you all. I wanted to reach into the screen to hold on to the frame as it was being moved across to help out. It is now 3.30am and I need to go to bed.

    Thank you


  11. karen

    I forgot to mention that the pics of the eye are quite impressive,never saw an eye so big before!Holy Cow!!! Thanks for posting the links for me!

  12. karen

    do you think that someday, or ever in the “future” that one will ever be caught “alive” and be able to be kept “alive” somehow? Just a random thought, lol
    That would be something else now wouldnt it, to have one on display alive!!!

  13. tepapamuseum

    Cool thanks Karen. We’ve put 2 new posts about the eyes up – one with pics and the other with comments from Bruce the Collection Manager here.

    Let us know if you have any questions – these scientists are just hanging out til the media get here at 2pm.

  14. karen

    thanks for getting it back so quick 🙂 Where can we see the pics of the eye?!

  15. tepapamuseum

    Oops thanks will get right on to it – in the mean time we’ve up some fab shots of the eye

  16. karen

    uh oh, just lost audio/video

  17. tepapamuseum

    Oops sorry Karen – yeah we did turn it off while we moved the camera – we think this is a better angle so you can see the squid a bit better.

  18. chrispaulin

    The lid is being put back on so that it can be removed again for the documentary filming . . .

  19. Helen

    It’s all gone black and very quiet. Someone pulled the plug out?


  20. chrispaulin

    We’re just moving the camera to get a better shot of the squid! All’s gone dark on Squid Cam but will be up in a mo’

  21. karen

    Oh Well, since its raining its a good excuse to stay in all day and watch this 🙂 (I would have watched it even if it was sunny out, lol I wouldnt miss this for anything)Thanks Again for letting the public watch!!!

  22. Helen

    It’s dark here (Benbecula, UK) but no rain, at least not just now. Pictures and sound good.


  23. troy d

    yeah its nice here sorry about the rain i hate rain.

  24. karen

    talking about the rain, its been raining straight here in Canada for the last 6 days, YUK! I think even the grass and gardens are thinking “enough is enough” hehe

    I’m glad YOUR having a sunny day at least 🙂

  25. troy d

    its great and sounds back to yay i just saw carol diebel my aunt and she is going to be watching to from a different computer.

  26. Tamojit Ghosh

    Thanks guys, sounds back

    Saudi Arabia

  27. chrispaulin

    Thanks – Richard has sorted the sound now- we hope – how is it for you in sunny California Troy?

    Thankfully it is sunny again in Wellington – we’ve had terrible rain and flooding but the sun has come out for our Squidling!

    Let us know if there are any more issues with the sound. Sometimes we switch between camera feeds and need to make sure we switch mikes as well!

  28. karen

    Audio is back 🙂 Thanks Again!!

  29. troy d

    I am watching the transfer and will be most of the day here in sunny California. I hope it all works out still no sound though.

  30. chrispaulin

    Hey thanks Karen, I’ve asked Richard – our Webcam expert to check it out. We’ll get back to you asap

  31. Tamojit Ghosh

    I hope the mantle rip stitching goes off well and also the egg extractions. It looks good from here (though I just lost sound since my last message).
    Thanks for sharing — you guys make things look good.

  32. karen

    The audio isnt working at the moment for me either.

  33. Carol D

    Not that you asked me but we have lost the sound too. Had it for a while – when Steve was examining the squid. But lost it soon after.

  34. Tamojit Ghosh

    Hi Guys, your server works well -I am a watching at 128Kbs bandwith and it looks good. I can see the guys scrubbing the display tank. Its just past midnight in Saudi Arabia.

  35. tepapamuseum

    Hey Karen – is the audio coming through OK? We’ve had a few troubles with people not getting the audio. Can you hear OK?

  36. karen

    Thank You So Much for Getting The Problem Fixed!!!! 🙂 Everything Looks Perfect!

  37. Carol D

    Hello from California,
    Nice to see you all working while I eat Mexican food and enjoy the sun. The tank looks gorgeous. Hope all goes well.

  38. tepapamuseum

    It’s back on now. Enjoy 🙂

  39. tepapamuseum

    Indeed, there seems to be a problem… we’ll look into it.

  40. karen

    I’m having trouble connecting to the server, just wondering if its on your end or mine, I really dont want to miss it!!

    I tried all the links but none of them are working, anybody else having problems?

  41. Mark (Smivs) Smitheman

    Getting a nice clear picture and looking forward to ‘tonight’ as it will be here in England.
    I really hope everything goes well, and thank you for sharing this with us. Very best wishes.


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