Australian giant squid dissection available online

On Thursday 17th of July, Melbourne Museum (Victoria, Australia), held its first ever public dissection by museum scientists of a giant squid.  

The dissection  was performed in the Science and Life Gallery and the dissection was streamed live. A recording can be viewed here

The squid which was accidentally caught in a fishing trawl off western Victoria, weighs around 245 kg, making it the largest giant squid that Australian researchers have encountered. It is estimated that, intact, the animal would have been over 12 metres long.

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  1. Casey Frame

    I watched the video, and it was very well done, although it left me with a question. I know that squid have giant axons, but how does the size of the axon in the giant squid compare to the size of the axons in smaller squid? This information has proved to be exceptionally difficult to find, and so I’m hoping that someone who has had the chance to observe giant squid directly at your museum will have the answer.

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