The Big OE – only hippies, drifters or virtuals need apply!

We’re looking at the common experiences of Kiwis travelling on their Big OE since 1965. We’re specifically looking for people who used London as their base. We’re focusing on four time periods:


The Hippy Trail – were you one of these, and did you end up in London?


Last of the drifters – did you drift on your OE or were you guided? Let us know.


Peak period – were you one of the masses in the largest wave to leave New Zealand?


Virtual OE – did your organise your trip online before you left?

We want to hear about your stories and treasures / taonga from your Big OE.

  • Do you have photographs of yourself in front of famous monuments and sites in London?
  • Did you specifically take anything from New Zealand which reminded you of home?
  • Did you take anything from New Zealand which identified you as a Kiwi?

We’re particularly interested in people who travelled to London between 1965 and 1985, or in the later 1995–2000 period. If you would like to share your story, objects, or photographs, please contact us on

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