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We’ve had time to catch up on a few things today . . . the lab is almost cleared of our equipment and Anton has begun moving things in for tomorrow’s dissection of a juvenile pygmy right whale.

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  1. about snakes

    what are you hoping of finding ?

  2. NZGeek

    emmabest, he-he 😉
    Well, maybe it’s just a bad qulity image.

  3. emmabest

    NZGeek! you should know better 😉

    He definately is a wee whale – have you seen all the other photos? His outer ‘covering’ is skin and blubber – not an exoskeleton (in fact if his skeleton was on the outside maybe that would’ve made the scientist’s job easier!)

    I didn’t see any legs or antennae either 😉

  4. NZGeek

    Hmmm…it doesn’t look like whale to me. It looks like insect.

  5. emmabest

    Hi Karen

    hopefully you will have kept track of the blog – Jane has taken over for now (we kind of tag team – it keeps the scientists on their toes).

    She’s included some new photos along with getting some of the scientists to blog as well.

    We’ll see about putting more photos up

  6. karen

    Thanks Emma! Will you be taking pictures and adding them to the blog?! I find these things truely facinating and have to say thanks, because normally I would not get the chance to see the insides of a whale or squid etc… or how everything looks or works.

    So for that I look forward to any new posts!

  7. emmabest

    Hi Karen

    Yes – shame about not being able to have live cameras. The best we can do is keep blogging!

    The scientists are dissecting him from the outside in – at the moment they’re looking at how the musculature and ligaments are organised. So no internal organs have been investigated. At this point we don’t know how he died.

    Will keep you posted

  8. karen

    Awwwww the poor lil whale, what happened to him. I wish we still had the cam so we could watch what you do!


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