First recording and edited videos

First recording

The Science Express evening with Steve O’Shea has been recorded (audio only) and is now available at this address: Media no longer available

> More about Science Express and recordings of the previous sessions Media no longer available

The other lectures have been filmed and will be available in the middle of next week, provided we are able to edit them fast enough.

First videos

Discovery Channel, who have been supporting us in the preservation of the colossal squid specimen, have edited videos and gathered resources on their news website.

And here are some other squid things we have seen around and you might also like 🙂

Squid satire

Courtesy of Scoop:

Some Youtube videos

6 Responses

  1. karen

    Thanks for replying back 🙂

  2. tepapamuseum

    They tasted the colossal- but the small damaged one – supposedly the giant squid is too full of amonia to taste OK.

  3. karen

    Hey thanks for replying back 🙂 It wasnt ME confused about there being three squid, lol (I watched the entire week)lol I was just making an observation that the way the video was made(edited) it might be confusing to SOME people that may have not realized there were actually three of them (and didnt get to watch the whole thing live). The first time some people watch the video, they may think it was the colossal thats going be displayed, as the one getting dissected, lol Other then that i loved watching it!! 🙂

    Which one was the one you all tasted, the giant or the colossal?!

  4. tepapamuseum

    Hey Karen, thanks for the comment – we all went a bit crazy about the squid! I am trying to limit my comments on it now – lol.

    Sorry you were confused about the squid – yes there were 3 different squid. There was one Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux)and two Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni).

    Of the two Colossal Squid, there was a smaller, damaged specimen that was dissected. The large one caught last year in the Ross Sea was left intact for display.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Freelance Cameraman

    I was very interested to watch the event live on the webcast and am looking forward to seeing the docomentary on television. Being a cameraman myself it was a double pleasure watching the technical side of the webcast and of course the behind the scenes view of the video crew at work. Well done every one and lets hope we can find a male species soon.

    Tim Hollingworth

  6. karen

    Well lets just say first of all, thanks for sharing ALL those links with us. I watched everyone of them and Loved watching/listening!!!! Incredible!!

    Ok, in MY opinion, under “first videos” the second link down, i watched it 4 times and this is what i think! When you watch AND listen to it, the way its edited, it confuses people. People that didnt watch the whole thing happen live to know whats going on. It shows clips AND talks about the block of squid in the tank, shows it thawing etc…..tells all that you had to slowly peel it apart ect …..then, it shows the squid on the table, with the tube in it checking its stomach contents, then showing the fish that was in its stomach, then it shows it being sliced open and examined. Well, the way its shown, going back and forth, it looks as if its the colossal squid that thawed out, is the one that was cup open and examined. (i know that it wasnt, but does everybody)? If you watch it and listen to it, it talks about the thawing out colossal, then goes right to the table and shows one being cut open….its just done in a confusing way, just thought I’d point that out, I dont know why. i guess I want people to know that the one thawed out wasnt touched like that, its saved for display.

    I guess because there were a few squid being worked on over the past few days, it got a little confusing. I myself am confused, lol Which squid was the one you all tasted …..the one that was caught in 2003 or anotherone that was caught recently, besides the one that was thawing out, lol

    Oh well, at any rate I still loved watching and will continue too. Its all I talk about around the house anymore, lol My hubby and daughter think i’m crazy, lol

    Have A Great Weekend Everybody!!!


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