A great photo!

Here it is – what I call the money shot – this was taken before they started the preservation process.

Here’s a link to an explanation of the preservation process.

It is all quiet in the examination room – as the preservation process continues – it will take up to a month for the formalin to do its work.

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  1. Sharon

    That would be great! Please notify all of us at Tonmo when the time comes. We all appreciate you guys so much for making all of this so accessible.

  2. tepapamuseum

    Thanks Sharon – our heads have all hit the keyboard after a truely HUGE week here.

    I reckon we will need to webcast the opening of the exhibition – people have even asked if we will video moving the squid to its new tank! Cross fingers – we are working on it already!

  3. Sharon

    Thanks again to all of you for a wonderful job. I was one of the people glued to the computer for the entire webcast(well, almost, when my face hit the keyboard I gave up for a while) and am so happy with everything you did to make this the great learning experience it was for people all over the world. Just wish I lived closer so I could be there for the great unveiling when squiddy goes into her permanent home.


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