Two blue whale hearts

Two blue whale hearts
Inside the life-size model of a blue whale heart

Enjoying the inside of the life-size model of a blue whale heart

The model of the blue whale heart in the Whales|Tohorā exhibition is the actual size of a blue whale’s heart! That’s about the size of a small car…

The heart model is one of the most popular parts of the exhibition. It’s so well loved by children crawling into it, that we’ve had to go and make another one, ready for the worldwide tour of the exhibition. 

We need to test the new heart model to see if it can stand up to lots of kids crawling through. So we’ve put it on display in NatureSpace at Te Papa. For the next week or so – at least until the Whales exhibition closes on 11 May –  we’ll be the only museum in the world with TWO life-sized models of a blue whale heart!!!

Isn’t that amazing.

(and we’ve got a colossal squid…)

Did you know?

A blue whale’s heart can weigh up to 640 kilograms (1410 pounds).

A small child could crawl through the blue whale’s largest blood vessel.

A blue whale heart is the approximately the same size as a VW.

3 Responses

  1. olivia

    Yes, I have. It’s different than the one in the Whales exhibition because it looks different on the outside. It was a bit bigger as well. 🙂

  2. pamelalovis

    Hi Olivia
    Yep, you look like you are having fun in there. I’m glad you like the Whales exhibition.

    Have you tried out the other blue whale heart in NatureSpace yet? Did you notice anything different about it?


  3. olivia

    That’s me in the heart! I like the whale heart because you can actually go in it and listen to the beat of the whale heart!
    The games in the whale exhibition are awesome, my favourite is the dolphin danger game, you use the joystick and you have to steer the dolphin out of danger! cool :o) from olivia


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