Today’s programme

After all this commotion, we are going to settle down a bit and give a series of lectures at Te Papa in Wellington. More visitor information.

These lectures are taking place in our Soundings Theatre, Level 2, free entry. They will be retransmitted live to the Marae too (except for Science Express).

  • 11am–12 noon: Kat Bolstad: Big Suckers: Giant Squid Research in New Zealand
  • 12.30–1.30pm: Peter Batson: Here Be Monsters … A Dark Journey to the Ocean Underworld
  • 2pm–3pm: Dr Eric Warrant: The Weird and Wonderful Eyes of Animals Who Live in the Dark and the Deep Sea
  • 3.30pm–4.30pm: Dr Steve O’Shea: Squid: Small, Giant, and Colossal
  • 5pm–6pm: Dr Tsunemi Kubodera: The Search for Giant Squid in Japanese Waters
  • 6.30pm–8pm: Science Express – Colossal Squid – The Dissection (Espresso bar)

These lectures are being filmed and will be available from our website as soon as we can.

Another series of lectures is schedule for tomorrow too. Tomorrow’s programme.

The Science Express will only feature audio and be part of our podcasts programme:

11.37 am (NZ time): Webcast will stop at 1pm this afternoon.

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  1. Dakota

    ‘Can’t wait for the lectures to air…. 🙂 I’ll be looking for links!!

  2. tepapamuseum

    Hey James – we have some information on the blog about the size of the Giant Squid’s brain but not on the Colossal Squid’s…yet! The scientists are all in the lectures but I will ask one of them to answer this about the colossal squid.

    But the Giant Squid’s brain is tiny compared to its mass – 22 grams of brain to 200 kilograms of body! You can find more on this post

    Will keep you posted on the CS’s brain size – good question!

  3. James Anderson Merritt

    Thanks for all the info and video coverage! I just read a news story about the colossal squid’s huge eye that you were able to recover intact. Congratulations! Did any of the lectures mentioned above discuss the size of this animal’s brain (or that of the colossal squid in general)? I am fascinated by the idea of cephalopod intelligence, and wonder how the brain bulk and composition of the lady you are examining matches up against those of, say, human, dolphin, and elephant.

  4. Haylee

    This has been great to watch over the past few days. But I am wondering (I am a parasitologist) what you have done with the nematodes found in the gut of the giant squid? (I hope you’ve kept them!) And if you found any nematodes or other helminths in the gut of the colossal squid? It’d be great to have a look at them, I don’t imagine that there’s much literature on the parasites of deep sea squid.

  5. *Mystic*

    I have found this very fasinating indeed! Great work everyone! 🙂
    New Zealand has again something to be very proud of!

    Add me to the list also please.

    Will be keeping an eye on media etc for more info. 🙂

    Thanx so much! 🙂


  6. Wendy

    I would also be interested in purchasing the video and audio footage of these past few days… add me to the list please. 🙂

    Thanks guys/Gals

  7. Greg

    Awesome webspace…
    I stumbled in here and thought Wow, this is very kewl
    Cheers from Niagara Falls

  8. tepapamuseum

    Hey Yasmin – yep we’re just sorting out somesort of email list so don’t worry we’ll get you on it!

    I just popped into Kat’s lecture – it’s great – and good to see her out of her gumboots/ waders!

  9. Yasmin

    Can’t wait for the lectures to be available from your website. Kat’s lecture happening right now – would love to be there.

    Did someone set up up a list of people interested in purchasing edited video and audio footage of the last few days? I want to be on it pleeeeaaase!!!

    Thank you sooooo much to everyone involved in bringing the last few exciting days to the world via webcams, photos, Blogs etc.

  10. tepapamuseum

    No nothing’s gonna happen in the tank today. The feeds keep rolling just because it ended late yesterday, and we decided to leave the cameras on for the night. We will probably unplug this all during the day today.

  11. Mike

    Is there anything interesting happening in the tank today? Will the feeds from the tank room keep rolling?


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