Recording of last few hours of SquidCam available!

We recorded (or at least tried ) ) to record the last few hours of SquidCam – a few people from the northern hemisphere asked because they’d be asleep. Well, as you know we’ve had a few issues but I think we have it!

So for those who missed it, you can check it out:

I am not 100% confident we have it right yet, but everyone here is pretty tired and we are trying our best. Let us know if you can get it, if there are any issues with it. What you like about it.

We will get it right – eventually!

Thanks for all your support
Lucy from IT at Te Papa

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  1. tepapamuseum

    Hi Joanna,
    The server where the video sits right now is not the same as during the event, so its bandwidth is not as good. Many people are still watching the video at the same time, which is why it is not really smooth. We do not have the means to do better, unfortunately…
    Florence, I.T. at Te Papa

  2. Joanna

    Hi there everyone,
    Joanna from Singapore.
    Glad at last all the hardwork paid off. Congrats to all Tepapamuseum staffs working diligently on this project! Just to infm the video is not that smooth viewing. Hope u guyz can do something abt it and yes DVD pls..

  3. Harry

    Hello everyone,
    I’m so glad you’re keeping everyone updated on what’s happening with your colossal squid. I wish I could have watched te live-feed, but I’m in the northern hem. the re-transmission isn’t working. I’m sure you’ll get it though.

  4. Gemma

    Hi Lucy

    maybe its the ammount of us northern hemers viewing what we missed but webcam reshowing just keeps stopping. Iam sure you will get it sorted so i will keep checking the site.
    Thanks for keep try to satisfy our interest.

  5. tepapamuseum

    Yes, the talks will be available, probably next week (we have a few meetings to attend today… we can’t forget about the rest of the museum 🙂 )
    – Florence, from IT at Te Papa too

  6. Mark Tennant

    Hi Everyone,

    Just to say I watched (nearly) all your webcast (stayed up till 6 a.m.) and taped a lot of it for my son & daughter-in-law, but the record quality is CR*P! Is there any chance of the talks being put up as downloadeable MP3s? That and some extra stills would be wonderful even if you can’t get the webcast repeat working.

    Many thanks,
    Mark T.

  7. Joerg

    Hi, Joerg here, from Austria.

    It’s a pity, that the video not working!

    Good luck,


  8. Selma Swarts

    Hallo,i would just like to know how the fisherman who caught the squid,established that it was half dead,and then i would also like to know how that happend if the poor squid was just feeding on another fish????? Many thanx
    Selma Swarts
    South Africa

  9. Dakota

    OOPS, I forgot — the site isn’t coming up. Sorry about that. Have a great day, people.

  10. Dakota

    You guys are just the best! And thank you so very much for all of your efforts to get the recording up, for those of us who TRIED so hard not to miss a moment! But who, of course, so miserably failed, such as myself, who grew so rather fond of you and OUR giant, for indeed she is a gift to us all, is she not?

    Surely we all know and understand how busy you are, so patience isn’t beyond us. But I would like to ask of the possibility of the entirety being offered on DVD, and for which the vast majority of us would gladly pay. What do you think? Is it at all possible, at some time in the future? And too, will you be posting the specifics of what research will be conducted on the Colossal? It would be interesting to know this.

    Again, with utmost gratitude and many a blessing upon you,


  11. Mark Smitheman

    Hi, Really enjoyed the few parts of your webcast I could catch (it was the middle of the night here in the UK).
    The re-transmission doesn’t seem to be working too well…please keep trying as I’d love to watch it.
    Can I reproduce any of your photos on my website?
    Great Event! Thanks.
    Mark Smitheman (AKA Smivs)


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