Thank you world! – link available

These past few days have been completely international for us, with people coming from 188 countries to see our colossal squid!

Worldmap of colossal squid audience

In order to acknowledge this huge involvement from the international community, we are currently preparing a retransmission of the last hours of our webcast. We don’t know the exact time it will be available, but will do our best to make it as quick as possible.

Thanks again for your support!

11pm update (NZ time): The video will be available from this link a bit later during the night, so check it out regularly and something might be coming up 🙂

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  1. Mario

    Hello Te Papa;

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! for such an interesting and unique experience, I have been following the Colossal Squid report, and although the time difference did not allow me to wath the live webcast, I just saw the retrans. Amazing work you have done. I look forward to visiting the Museum and the squid exhibit soon.

    Greetings from Miami, FL USA

  2. David Head

    This is certainly a rare find, but most of all I am impressed at the co-operation by all those concerned in catching; landing; initial preserving, and now thawing of this unique monster. NZ inhabitants are fortunate that they have an infrastructure and government that facilitates this.

  3. Miss Kitt

    Thank you to all at TePapa! Even though I missed the live event, I am looking forward to seeing the ‘rebroadcast video’ ss it becomes available. Meanwhile, I’m loving the blog entries and the comment threads, most of which are wonderful.
    I’m in the state of Washington in USA, just east of Seattle. And my husband is deeply amused that I’m literally jumping up and down at some of the pictures and comments. (He’s amused–but when I got to the eye stuff, he came in and read it with me!)
    Saying “thank you” seems so inadequate for what you’ve done for the cephalopod fans (and e-passersby) around the world…but THANK YOU!

  4. Teresa

    loved this story- just found out about it unfortunately, but absolutely amazed that such a creature could exist without our knowing for so long!- what else out there- so nice to hear it was caught in the pristine waters off of new zealand- i heard myself say “but of course it would be found there”- we love new zealand! our 1st child was born there and we forever hold it dear in our hearts- teresa from vancouver,bc,canada

  5. samantha

    hey ya,

    i had to keep sneeking the videos on my computer at work, i found it so amazing.
    its hard to believe that something so huge exsits and to think what else is out there that we are missing out on.

    thanks new zealand! not only being my home but sharing this wonder with the world!


  6. Laurie

    Hello from Calgary, Canada!
    Sooooooooooo sad I missed the broadcast and am looking forward to seeing them when they are posted again! What an impressive sight your ‘little’ squid is.

  7. Heather Bray

    Hi Te Papa

    I just wanted to write and say this has been brilliant. It was great learning about the squid but I also loved watching/listening to the scientists at work. As an ex-scientist now science communicator/educator I feel this webcast and the work behind it is everything science is about. It should have been shown in every school in the world! I love science! Thanks again.

  8. Shadow

    Like I said last night, this was terrific! I hope we get to see more like this in the future. (The non-cephalofan part of the family laughs at me for spending twelve hours watching a squid thaw – via dial-up on a computer with no sound, no less! But I was afraid that as soon as I took a break, something interesting would start up again – and seriously, how many times do you get an opportunity like this?)

    I started calling her ‘Colossie’ toward the end. “Colossie! Architimmy’s in the well!”

    I’d like to say thank you to the lab crew for taking the time to wave goodnight to us once all was said and done – it may be kind of a silly sentiment, but that really made me feel like we were part of the experience, too!

  9. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

    Oh wow . . . you named her Cthulu, yes? Oh please say that you did.

  10. tepapamuseum

    Not sure what the Discovery Channel’s docuemtary is going to be called but we’ll see if we can find out and post it to the blog

    Have all you guys out there watching has been a real buzz for the folks in the examination room. They have really enjoyed being able to answer people’s questions and are really chuffed that people were interested.


  11. Jeffrey

    So what documentary name should we look out for later this year? ‘Natural History New Zealand’?

    Also, thanks, have been watching for most of it. Also liked it when they realised 2400 were watching and then waved 😉

  12. tepapamuseum

    Thanks so much for your kind messages! Apparently the URL doesn’t seem to work, so we’ll try to fix it as soon as we can. For other retransmissions and Youtube, we don’t know precisely yet what is going to be available and in which form. Some videos should be available on the Discovery News website soon too. We’ll keep you posted 🙂

  13. Maryanne

    Thanks everyone for this awesome and very rare opportunity. I have learnt heaps!! I can’t wait to get down to Wellington to see her when she is finally on display.

    Big ups to you all. 🙂

  14. James

    I’m terribly disappointed to have only found the link to the museum site today, too late…

    but I certainly look forward to reading more news on the findings as they are published.

    here’s to more news on dear Cthulhu on the slab there in coming weeks or months… 🙂

  15. Gemma

    hi as in UK had to go to bed so missed most of it although managed to see the eye before lack of sleep from watching since Sunday got to me. Putting it all on the webcams was a brilliant idea.It has become routine over the last few days to log on so am glad to be able to try and see what I missed on the replay.
    Thanks for all your hard work in the tank and taking the time to do the blogs on top of that from the laughing on the videos you all seemed to be enjoying it dispite the smell that there must have been and gunge that appeared to be accumulating.
    Thanks Again to all the team those we could see and those we couldn’t.

  16. Susana

    Thanks for all this great information. It is really fascinating. Actually, my husband told me about giant and colossal squids some time ago, and I was so fascinated by this that I wrote about them on my blog (in Spanish) at (posted on 10 January). I will definitely write about your latest developments as a follow up! Thanks.

  17. Niko

    I just read about this whole matter and it sounds pretty interesting. Couldn’t watch the video, it’d be sweet as if you guys got it to work once more…
    Fair dinkum anyways…

    Greetings from Germany

  18. Laura Sharp

    This has been absolutely amazing to see on the live webcam, i saw the endoscope this morning, and the fixative injections. she is an absolute beauty, im enthralled with her! I cant wait to see the whole footage compiled and on show. Its amazing to think she is only a baby and how little we still have to explore in the depths!

  19. Nmle

    Been following this story since yesterday and Im awed by this..creature.Never thought I’ll see anything so huge!…I should make it New Zealand someday to see this…thing! Good job guys…

  20. Jorge Bautista

    Cool stuff you showed a COLOSSAL SQUID!!!!!! It was and still awsome.
    I dont saw all examination but the part i saw
    was ok.
    Geetings from Mexico City.

  21. Márton Moldován

    And one more great big thank you, this time from Budapest, Hungary!

    Monty Python was wrong. Molluscs ARE fascinating. Period.

    Good stuff, you guys, and thanks again!

  22. Mei Jiuan

    This is really fascinating stuff! Good work you guys. Thank you, cheers from Singapore

  23. Mary De la Garza

    Es increible ver lo que estan haciendo, me tienen pendiente de los avances de la investigacion tan fantastica, gracias por compartir su trabajo con nosotros
    saludos desde Matamoros, Tam en México

  24. themadlolscientist

    I keep getting 404 errors when I try to connect to the video. 🙁

  25. Beth

    Thank you for sharing with us and for recasting the last few hours. I’m in Washington state, USA and finally had to go to bed. My three year old loved watching the squid “melt.”

  26. Tara

    Hello from Denver, Colorado, US.

    Just amazing to be able to share in the events – thank you so much for broadcasting!

    I got to watch some yesterday afternoon and fifth, maybe sixth, the request for posting on You Tube since I had to leave before the complete unfolding.

  27. Jamie

    Thank You NZ!

    That was incredible! Thank you so much for allowing everyone to watch such a historical event. This was an opportunity I feel priveledged to have been a part of and can not seem to express my gratitude enough! I can’t wait to see the replay because I missed so much. Thanks, from all of us in California!

  28. Allan Toh

    fascinating! Good luck & keep posting! From: Singapore

  29. Eva

    Thank you so very much for the last couple days this has been an AMAZING adventure!! I missed the last couple hours unfortunatly and I stayed up LATE too 🙁 BUT I got to see so much for that I am very thankful!! You all did SUCH an amazing job. I practically felt like I knew you all from your postings which was so thoughtful of you to do.. Thank You Again!! Happy findings!

  30. Carolina

    Congratulations to all of you guys!! Unfortunately the time difference for all of us whom live in UK has not been helpful. Lkg forward to seeing the replay!!

    Thank you for all your effort!

  31. Mandy

    Wow, what a fantastic project,the squid is awesome. I will closely follow your progress from here in the UK. Have you given her a name?

  32. dennis

    Wow thats some size,and it’s brilliant that you have shared it with us.
    keep up the good work.
    dennis UK

  33. John C. Root

    Greetings, and congratulations on a terrific project. Unfortunately I did not learn about this time sensitive event until reading this mornings newspaper (04-30-08)… and because of the time difference here in Paxton, Massachusetts (USA) I missed watching the examination live as it happened. I do look forward though, to watching it at a later date when it is made available on your website. Thanks again for your contribution to our being able to observe the wonders of the natural world… we certainly can use as much of this type of material as possible. John Root, Paxton, MA (USA)

  34. Denis

    Hi guys……

    Can’t believe this! It’s amazing how big it is! Second the call for the clips to be posted to youtube for easy and convenient viewing. Congratulations! Seem you new zealander can do something else other than play rugby! 😉
    from SA

  35. Claudia Karina

    Thanks from Monterrey,México for showing us all of this!

    Congratulations and good luck!

  36. Helen

    Some how ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough for all your team shared with us over the past few days and the preparation in the months leading up to the last few days.

    One day I will come over to NZ to see the squid in person.

    Thank you all.

    Helen and Moira (the soon to be Marine Biologist)

  37. Tami

    Thanks from Indiana, US for sharing this with the world! And thanks much for the rebroadcast too since I missed some of it. You guys are awesome btw!!

  38. Mark

    Hello from Grove City, Ohio, USA! I have been following the Squid Event from work. Thank you so much for enlightening all of us about the how much we still dont know about our planet. Your work is fascinating and quite fun to watch from afar. Thanks to all of you who bring this knowledge to us. Best wished to all of you.


  39. Adam Eli Clem

    This was truly special to watch. Thanks to all of you.

  40. Jillian

    Hey there from SC, USA!!! I am loving this and I am so upset that I missed some of it too! Many thanks for the rebroadcast!! You guys are helping discover the world! Much luck and well wishes from my family as we are all addicted to your site now!

  41. Mark

    Good stuff!

    Any chance the video’s could be uploaded to youtube or another hosting site for our viewing pleasures.

    Keep up the blog, veri interested from the UK 😉

  42. Kenny

    Absolutely fascinating……!
    Congratulations from London UK.
    (The thought that there are probably even bigger specimens out there is the stuff of nightmares..*shudders*..)

  43. Adam

    I’m really gutted I missed this, alas that I live in the UK & the time difference made it unfeasable for me to watch.
    Reading the bloggs has been very interesting & I hope to see the footage when it’s re-shown.
    Congratulations on a successfull dissection & I hope the fixing works out.

  44. Lindsay

    Fascinating stuff. Best wishes, all the way from Mumbai, India.


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