Dr O’Shea and Dr Kubodera are taking measurements of the colossal squid characteristics, for example measurements of the tentacle portions, the carpus (‘wrist’), manus (‘palm’ or ‘hand’), and dactylus (‘digit’ or ‘finger’). Counts of the numbers of suckers and claws . . . .

The second eye is still frozen, but is 25-27 cm in diameter.

Chromatophores under the microscope (x250).

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    This specific posting Morphology « Te Papa’s Blog, offers genuinely great info and I actually discovered specifically what I had been searching for. I Appreciate it.

  2. chrispaulin

    Nice . . but I wouldn’t recommend Architeuthis or Mesonychoteuthis on your menu – you might loose a few customers!

  3. Mr Paul

    ok ok, i have to get lemon wedges first, then some, parsley…

  4. Mr Paul

    Hi – very beautiful squidd. I would to talk to you guys about buying left overs for resturant business. I will share profits witch te papa.. please email me.

  5. Yasmin

    Like Jean, I would definitely pay for this as well. Could be a good fundraiser – then you might be able to afford preserving it in alcohol after all – “Hic!” 😉 . Though thinking about it realistically it will be too late by then. But the cash might be useful for other things in relation to the display of that awsome beast!

  6. Jean McKinnon

    I’d be up for getting my mitts on a copy (I’d pay of course) and I bet the boss would love a copy for the Aquarium (Dunedin). I second Yasmins list idea (or you can get hold of me on Tonmo :-D)

  7. Yasmin

    That’s great, thanks. Is there a chance to leave a contact email on some list (???) so that people could be contacted when an edited version is available? I would love to be contacted for that.

  8. chrispaulin

    The webcam footage is being recorded, so we hope to have an edited version available at a later date – sorry, but no idea when this will be available as yet.

  9. Yasmin

    We are back from swimming school (no squids in the pool – Leo [he is 2 1/2yrs old] did ask wether we would see one) and now that he is doing his afternoon nap, I am yet again glued to the screen.
    We are having the same problem with audio on and off every 10 to 40 seconds. Is all this live screening taped or recorded somewhere that we could tap into at a later stage?

  10. Jessica

    This is absolutely amazing! Having images, video and audio available is greatly appreciated. I’m learning so much, and it’s very fascinating! I look forward for more updates.

  11. Chris Paulin

    We assume colossal squid have a hectocotylus, but there’s still a large piece of ice to thaw!
    Things are fairly slow just at the moment. we have to wait for the tissue to thaw completely to avoid breaking the tentacles.

  12. Brenton

    Can you tell us please if Colossal Squid have hectocotylus as do many smaller cephalopod species?


    BTW – very cool pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with the world (ok – I am in Wellington, but I can empathise with the folks who aren’t…), and happy birthday, Mark!

  13. Clement

    It is educational for my 4 year old boy.

    It added fun to teach him “gaint” and introduce “squid” as marine lives. we dont see squid in any marine aquarium or exhibit.

    We just loved it.

  14. Mike

    Is it male or female? Please could we have an update about how the examination is going?

  15. chrispaulin

    The tissue is smooth and semi gelatinous, the red markings are pigment spots (chromatophores)

  16. Mark (Monty) Montague

    Is the eye globular and stalked, or am I misunderstanding the picture?

  17. Mark (Monty) Montague

    are the chromatophores part of the mostly-transparent layer against a cloth background, or is the texture part of the animal? Was something done to cause muscle contraction, or are they rather spread out even relaxed, or something else (I know in many cephalopods, they contract down to a very small point when the muscles are relaxed, but I don’t know if this is typical for Cranchiidae)

  18. Sharon

    It’s all very exciting! I hope that at some time in the future we can hear all of the interviews, it’s so frustrating to lose sound just when someone is saying something truly fascinating.

  19. Jean McKinnon

    Those chromatophores are stunning! This is very exciting….but I better get back to work!


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