You may see us on TV later!

Mark enjoying his birthday up to his waist in a tank with 495 kg of squid, answering questions and being watched by about 2,100 people on the webcam!

We had 99,000 hits on the Te Papa website yesterday, and 79,000 so far today.

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  1. chrispaulin

    Hi Jonathon – this is the world’s most massive invertebrate. Maybe not the longest (there are some jellyfish that have extraordinary long tentacles), but certainly the heaviest. However, there are squid beaks found in sperm whale stomachs which suggest that this is only the most massive invertebrate known to date…..

  2. Jean McKinnon

    Watched it, when Dr Kubodera gave the interviewer a piece of the arm to eat I think I saw wee fibs being told as the interviewer said that it was very nice, all while trying not to gag!

  3. Nicole

    Why are the lights off :(, how are u suppose to work in the tark

  4. Jonathon

    Does this make this squid the world’s largest known invertebrate?

  5. tardigrade

    It’s going to be as mad as hell when it wakes up! lol

  6. Jean McKinnon

    I’ll be watching close up tonight 😀


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