Into the stomach of the colossal

The scientists are currently inserting an endoscope with hopes of finding out what this beastie’s last meal was.

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  1. chrispaulin

    We smell of fresh brine solution . . the gentle sea air…at least that’s our story

  2. Mary

    When they tease you about smelling funny, just remember they are fast-food workers making minimum wage who smell like old oil and fries, and you are a scientist who smells like the greatest biological discovery of the century! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing adventure.

  3. Debi Boyle

    Please keep on printing all the stuff you find , this is history & i just can’t imagine how & what your finding with science can help with all kinds of information etc. toward ocean life as well as man kind. I bet you do smell !!! Thanks for doing what you do!!! Debi

  4. Guy

    It must have smelled like fishy windex in there. Great stuff !

  5. claire from hamilton

    aww i missed it all lol, im so gutted!!!!

  6. Tim Hollingworth

    Hi to all you guys on the project in New Zealand, both in front of the camera and the team behind. I can’t believe i’ve been watching this live on my computer in the United Kingdom, amazing. Weve come a long way since Telstar! Maybe smelly-vision will be the next thing to hit the internet…

    But seriously thanks for sharing this project, it makes the world a smaller and much more friendlier place.
    Tim Hollingworth
    Freelance cameraman UK

  7. chrispaulin

    Hi Debs
    Yes..we went down to the local take away to get some dinner this evening and indeed they said “you guys smell!”…. such is lif

  8. Debs

    Not only is it freakin amazing these creatures exist and that the fishermen who found it had the balls to even contemplate bringing the big boy/girl back from Antarctica, but it leaves me gobsmacked that you scientists will get into the tank with it and all of its gut juice!!! Legendary stuff guys. I’m guessing it’s getting smelly, or at the least all mooshy. Keep up the great work and webcam coverage.

  9. Mac Garcia

    Amazing, indeed! The Filipino people commends Te Papa scientists for this unprecedented scientific event! Thank you for sharing the event to the rest of the world via this webcast.


  10. Caroline

    Hello from Dubai!

    Totally fascinating – thanks for finding the time to share this with us.


  11. Ramon

    Good Morning from Germany

    Thank you all very, very much for sharing this event online.


  12. Martin Safranek

    Greetings from Prague,

    thank you very much for sharing this event online.


  13. Kirsten Haupt

    Good Morning from Vienna, I’m absolutely amazed about this colossal squid, as much as about your live stream. What a great idea to share this scientific endeavour. I should actually be working, but am glued to the screen watching the examination proceed. Thank you all very, very much for this!


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