The scientists have completed taking measurements. Olaf (above) has just been studying the caecum (gut) of the smaller colossal specimen which was thawed yesterday.  It needs to go into formalin asap so we have moved the first of the three 200 litre drums of formalin into the lab. The formalin will be injected into the thicker tissue then added to the tank to make a 5% solution – the squid will remain in this for at least a month to ‘fix’.

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  1. Sylvia

    Nice shirt, Olaf!

  2. Tim Hollingworth

    Hi Guys Ive been watching since 6am he in the UK and its now very nearly 11am and you have finished, maybe I can get back to work now!!

    Thanks for sharing the colossal with us around the world.

    Tim Hollingworth
    Freelance Cameraman


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