2400 watching the lab right now

The crew in the lab waved to acknowledge your phenomenal support!

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  1. Jean McKinnon

    Yay! Thanks for that!

  2. tepapamuseum

    Hey Jean – the videos of the talks won’t be available today sorry – but yes they will be available to watch on demand.

  3. Jean McKinnon

    will it be downloadable? I have to teach a marine ecology class later and don’t want to miss this!

  4. tepapamuseum

    The scientists are going to be giving a load of talks today at the museum. We will video and put them online for those of you that can’t make it to the building today!

    Here’s the schedule:
    11am–12 noon: Kat Bolstad: Big Suckers: Giant Squid Research in New Zealand
    12.30–1.30pm: Peter Batson: Here Be Monsters … A Dark Journey to the Ocean Underworld
    2pm–3pm: Dr Eric Warrant: The Weird and Wonderful Eyes of Animals Who Live in the Dark and the Deep Sea
    3.30pm–4.30pm: Dr Steve O’Shea: Squid: Small, Giant, and Colossal
    5pm–6pm: Dr Tsunemi Kubodera: The Search for Giant Squid in Japanese Waters
    6.30pm–8pm: Science Express – Colossal Squid – The Dissection (Espresso bar)

  5. Jean McKinnon

    Thanks everybody involved….wish I could’ve been there and to see your talks

  6. Emma

    I must say that the brew reminded me (visually of course) of a light miso soup…
    I was in there for about an hour yesterday and could ‘taste’ the fixitives in the air. So no – I will not taste the mixture for you 🙂

  7. Michelle, Cedric, Abbey & Cole

    We are in Wellington and have been glued to the computer over the last few days. I think it is great the amount of people from around the world who have been able to share in this exciting and interesting event.

    Thanks again

  8. June Griffiths

    This is just so fascinating…. have done absolutely nothing all morning except checking up on your progress. Thank you.

    Northern Ireland

  9. Chris

    Once more thanks again from chris in the USA it was very cool to see and I look forward to the Discovery show later this year.

  10. chrispaulin

    It can be used as sheepdip – know any farmers who want 10,000 litres of slightly used formalin in about a month’s time?

  11. Wendy

    what happens to the formaldehyde brew afterwards.Can it be reused?

  12. Nicole

    Earlier on they said the colossial squid is a boy and the giant one is a girl

  13. Jeffrey

    From what I remember hearing earlier they do not know what sex the squid is.

    It seems to have been getting murkier, probably from the squid itself. Not sure if there is too much they can do about it.

  14. kent atkinson

    What gender is the squid please, and if it is a male, what does the morphology suggest about its repoductive technique?

  15. artandmylife

    Have been noticing the water getting murkier – is this bits’o’squid or what?


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