Message from Mark in the tank

I’m the bald guy on the Squid Cam – just out of the tank for a bit!

Thanks for you comments. It’s a real balancing act when you want to protect sea life but also want to find out about it. It is sad that the squid died but it’s up to us to use the opportunity to find out more about these amazing creatures.

We’re hoping to get enough knowledge to really learn how many there are of the colossal squid. And what the real affect of more fishing in the Ross Sea will be.

Thanks for watching.

Mark Fenwick

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  1. Alexandra

    Oh my gosh, you guys, this is awesome~!! I’m sitting at my desk, at work, here in Brisbane, glued to the webcams, squid blog & Mark’s messages from the tank. Wow, truly amazing. Haha, at least some of us are working~!! Have a great time, won’t you~!


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