Squid brain!

The scientists are all gathered around to look at the beak and brain – the maximum weight of the brain is 22 grams and surrounds the oesophagus. The oesophagus is 11 mm in diametre, therefore everything it eats has to be chopped into tiny pieces as it has to pass through the brain!




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  1. tom

    lol im 13 i think brains r intressing lmao

  2. Alun

    I’m no expert but my understanding is the cephalopod (squid, octopus, cuttlefish etc.) nervous system isn’t as centralised as with vertebrates. There are other ganglions (groups of nerve cells, the brain is just the main set of ganglia) which process information before it reaches the brain.

    See image linked below, assuming linking is allowed here.

    What interests me more is that cuttlefish are colour blind yet they can change their colour to fit the background. I’ve been Googling for hours to find the answer but it seems like no one knows why.

    Another odd thing is generally the more intelligent vertebrates have long lives but it doesn’t seem to apply with invertebrates – a dumb lobster will typically live for many years but a brainy cuttlefish only lives for one year.

  3. Julie

    That thing looks wierd and nasty at the same time. That crap is sick. I learn about it in science but it is nasty to look at it outside of school it is bad enough that I have to look at it in school. That is just NASTY!!!!!!!

  4. huriyyah

    i shud think it is not so gud for da squid that it’s brain is so small not to mention wat more that it has to have it’s food pass thru it’s tiny brain, i’m starting to feel pity for it! and i just turned 13 and these aren’t soooo nasty??

  5. Mallory

    These pics. are nasty and I’m only 13 yrs. old!!!

  6. Chris Paulin

    The squid brain is made up of two large optic lobes which testify to the importance of vision for locating prey. The nervous systems of squid are well known for their giant axons. The nerve cells of squid are the largest of any animal – with diameters up to one millimeter, they can be seen by the naked eye, however, the brain itself is tiny in comparison with the size of the body: only 22 gms!

  7. Johnzee Galt

    22 grams? Seems awfully small. Are you sure of that?

  8. raincoaster

    Hannah, you’re kayaking at 1,000 feet down? Yor doin it rong.

  9. iranildo

    fiquei imprecionado com o tamanho da lula… é algo espetacular.

  10. Jena

    Wow! That’s really interesting. I just wish I could distinguish “parts” in the first picture.

  11. Howard

    So the way to a squid’s stomach is through its brain, rather than the way to its heart bring through its stomach?

  12. Hannah

    Who wants to swim in the ocean with this …
    Not awsome just plain scarey to meet one of these at 1000ft down !!!! you won’t get me Kyaking ‘across the ditch’


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